With CLSx you can bring the Community Leadership Summit to your town.

The Community Leadership Summit has played an important role in encouraging the development and formation of community leadership around the world. With CLSx we open up the recipe to encourage anyone, anywhere to run a Community Leadership Summit event near them to help keep the world learning and sharing.

Upcoming CLSx Events


Organize a CLSx Event Near You

Organizing a CLSx event is simple. Just follow these steps below:

Step 1: Choose a location and date

Choose a location of where you would like to hold your CLSx event and then choose the date(s) when the event is to happen.

Step 2: Read the CLSx license

At the core of a CLSx event is a simple set of requirements that are part of the CLSx License. Be sure to read it and ensure you are happy with the expectations.

Step 3: Apply for your CLSx event

If you are happy with the requirements in the license, submit the simple application form to get started.


The global CLSx community is a community in itself.

If you have any questions about organizing a CLSx event, the license, or anything else, be sure to join the clsx-discuss email discussion list.