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The Community Leadership Summit 2018 brings together community leaders, organizers and managers and the projects and organizations that are interested in growing and empowering a strong community.

The event pulls together the leading minds in community management, relations and online collaboration to discuss, debate and continue to refine the art of building an effective and capable community.

At the heart of Community Leadership Summit 2018 is an open unconference-style event in which everyone who attends is welcome to lead and contribute sessions on any topic that is relevant. These sessions are very much discussion sessions: the participants can interact directly, offer thoughts and experience, and share ideas and questions. These unconference sessions are also augmented with a series of presentations from leaders in the field, panel debates and networking opportunities.

Tame The Science

CLS offers an excellent opportunity for practitioners of community management, organization and leadership to come together to compare notes, share knowledge and experience and help find patterns in this complex and often mis-understood science.

Meet Leading Minds

Many of the leading minds in community management, leadership and online collaboration will be together in the same room to discuss and share ideas together.

Build Skills and Knowledge

The open summit nature of the event means that a diverse and wide-ranging set of topics will be discussed, debated and explored. You set the agenda.

Powerful Keynotes

To compliment the open nature of the event, a selection of keynotes by established community leaders add key content and topics.

Diverse Participation

The event regularly attracts a diverse range of attendees from around the world, across different professions, and with different levels of experience.


The summit is an excellent opportunity to socialize and build lasting relationships with other members of the field and just have a lot of fun!

The Community Leadership Summit is entirely FREE to attend